In Zego Package Management there are three statuses a package can be in. They are defined as:

  • Received. The package has been scanned in using the Admin Mobile app and the package has been associated with a resident/unit.
  • Delivered. The package has been marked as delivered in Zego and the package has been picked up by or delivered to the resident.
  • On hold. The resident has requested that the package be placed on hold so that they will not continue to receive reminder notifications.

To change the status of a package using the Admin mobile app, please do the following:

  • Open the Zego Admin Mobile app.
  • Click the menu icon in the top left-hand corner OR swipe left from the left-side of the screen to open the navigation drawer.
  • Select Packages from the list of menu items.
  • From the Packages home screen, click "# Received Packages". 
  • Now you should see a list of all of the "Received Packages". Select the Package you wish to update from the list or search by the resident's name, unit number, or tracking number.
  • Click the green pencil icon to unlock the status field. 
  • Click on the new status you wish to select, then click the white check-mark/green button to save the package with the new status.
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