To check-in a new package to Zego when you receive it, please do the following:

  • Open the Zego Admin Mobile App. If you do not have this already, you can download from the iOS/Android app store(s) and login with the same credentials you use on (any property admin/staff or maintenance user account).
  • Click the menu icon in the top left-hand corner of the app to open the side-drawer/nav. Select Packages from the list of menu items.
  • From the Packages home page, click "Log a new package". The camera will open immediately.
  • Using the in-app camera, scan the bar code of the package.
  • We will automatically pull the tracking information off of the bar code, and we'll attempt to find the resident in our database if they are listed on the bar code information. If we are unable to find the resident, you will be asked to input the name of the resident to associate the package with their account.
  • Then you will be asked to select the carrier and confirm the other pieces of information. If everything looks correct, click Complete.
  • You can then select to "Add Another" package to scan in another package, or you can view the package details for the package you just checked in.
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