Sending messages manually to individual residents can be tedious, which is why we built an automated messaging platform into Zego. Common use cases for automated messages are rent reminders, birthday messages, move-out notices, among many other possibilities.

Here is a high-level overview of how automated messages work (see the following section for a detailed explanation of how to make an automated message).

  • First you need to create a template that contains the content for the message. You need to create both an email and text-friendly version of the content so that we can send the message via email or text if you select "preferred" sending (ie, whatever the resident has selected they prefer - email or text).
  • Once you have created a template, you'll need to create the message automation. This is where you'll select who receives the message, when it is sent, and what triggers the message automation.

Here are the step-by-step instructions you need to follow to create an automated message:

  • Open the nav menu on the left-side of the screen and click the Communication tab.
  • On the Communication home page, click "View" on the Group Messaging card.
  • Click the "Templates" Icon in the top-right corner of the screen.
  • Click "Create New" on the templates list screen.
  • To create a template, you need to input a Title, the email content (Subject and Email body), and a text-friendly version (limited to plaintext and 160 characters). After you have created the template, click Save.
  • Go back to the Group Message home page and click "Create New" to create the message automation.
  • Choose a sending method (Preferred is the default - this will send as either email, text, or chat based on the resident's preferences).
  • Choose a group of residents. If you want your automated message to go to all residents when they move-in or move-out for example, type @All. You can see a list of the potential recipients below the group name.
  • Create the automation for your message. In this example I've selected the move-out date for each resident as the event, with an offset of 10 days before that date. This is when the template will be sent to the resident.
  • Click "Finished" to save your automation. The automation will be sent to the correct recipients based on the schedule you create in the last step.
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