When you are creating a new group message, you need to select a "group" of residents who will receive the message. Zego automatically generates and updates groups of residents based on shared properties of those residents each time a new message is sent. To select a group, type @{group_name} in the recipients section of a new group message.

Here are the default groups that are provided in the Group Messaging platform:

  • Balance Due - any resident that has a current balance due (they have overdue rent, fees, etc). NOTE - we calculate this immediately prior to the message being sent, so you will not be able to see the recipients during the message creation step.
  • Former Residents - former residents at the property. Based on the resident's move-out date.
  • Future Residents - all residents who have a move_in or lease_start_date prior to TODAY's date. NOTE - we do not include prospects. This varies per management software but Zego will not include a resident until it has been confirmed that they have signed a lease.
  • Building{x} - residents of a specific building. NOTE - this data is synced from your existing management software (eg., Resman, Realpage, Yardi, etc) so if the data is not provided there, this group will include all residents.
  • Building{x}/Floor{y} - residents of a specific floor in a specific building. See above NOTE if this data is missing.
  • All - all current residents of the property.
  • Account Not Activated - all residents who have not activated their Zego account.
  • Has Pets - all residents in a unit that have a registered pet.
  • Does Not Have Pets - all residents who do not have a pet.
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