Alexa Amazon Setup

1. Connect Alexa

You will need to set up Alexa on Amazon device  (Link below goes through walk through of how to set up Amazon Alexa) How to set up Alexa on an Amazon Echo 

2. Zego Home Set Up
At this time, Zego home devices will all need to be set up and working through the Zego app. If they have not, then you will need to get with the property manager or Zego Support to set up smart home.

Integrating Zego Home 

The Alexa integration with Zego Home can be set up three different ways. The three options being through the Zego Home app, Alexa app, or  Below is a walk through of each set up. 

1. Activate Alexa through Zego app 

Alexa integration can be set up through the Zego Mobile App by  first going to the account tab on the bottom left. Once there, you will need to click the Activate Alexa tab (shown on the picture to the right). This will take you to a landing page to open Alexa App/download app.  If Alexa App is not downloaded it will need to be downloaded immediately. Once in Alexa App you will see Zego Home Skill.  At this point, you will enable the skill and it will lead to a Zego login. It takes about 30 seconds and the skills will be linked. 

2. Zego Home Set Up Through Alexa App 

You can also download Alexa App and find the Zego skill. It will lead to a login screen through the Zego App. It will take about 20-30 seconds to sync up just like the option above. 

3. Zego Through  

The other way to set it up is going to 

(search - Zego home) this only works if you have alexa set up to your amazon account.  Below is a view from amazon skills though look up Zego Home skill. 

Opening Zego Home Skill/Successful Link

To make sure your accounts have been linked successfully, go to Alexa app skills.  On the top right you will find Your Skills.  There you will be able to find Zego Home skill.  Next, go into settings, once in settings, you should see the picture below on the right showing that Alexa and Zego Home have successfully linked.  It will show Account Linking with a Linked if devices have connected.

Manage Smart Home devices 

Now for managing your smart home devices.  You will need to click into manage your smart devices in your Zego Home skill.  Once inside the skill, you will see that the app is broken up into 3 tabs Devices, Groups, and Scenes.

Devices Tab

Inside the devices tab it will list all of the devices that you have connected already.  If any are missing or if you add any devices later just disable the skill Zego Home and then enable it and the devices will be retrieved in real time. 

Groups Tab

 In the groups tab, you will have the ability to group devices together. For instance, all devices found in your kitchen can be grouped together and named “kitchen”. How you would do this is by first going to create new. The screen after will lead  to the option of naming the group or choosing a preloaded name for the group. After that, you will add the devices that you would like associated with that group. 

Scenes Tab

Zego does not utilize Alexa scenes. Instead, use the routines as discussed below for the same functionality.

Building Routines 

The next advancement to do after setting up your smart home is building out routines.  An example of a routine would be at 10PM every night your lights turn off and doors lock automatically.  Another example would be by saying “Alexa, Good Morning” your lights and other smart devices turn on. 

Building a Routine

The first step would be to go to menu in the Alexa app and select Routines. Once there you would select the + icon in the top right corner. In following, you will be able to select the When This Happens, and then choose how to trigger the Routine.  You will have two options between Voice or Schedule. Voice is the ability of saying a phrase to Alexa to start an action. Schedule is where an action would occur for the time you have set. The next step after choosing Voice or Schedule is the add action.  In the add action, you have the ability to determine what action you want to take place. Some of these actions are Music, News, Smart Home, Traffic, and Weather.  Once you have determine what actions you want to do the last step is to create. 

Deleting Routines

To delete a routine, you will need to be in the routine you are looking to delete.  Go the top right of the screen where you see the three dots and that will give you the option to either delete or play routine. 

Common Commands 

The common commands for Alexa are listed below.


User says, “Alexa...” + [one of the following, with X being the device name in Zego].

  • Lock X
  • Turn off X
  • Turn on X
  • Turn off lights (when there are multiple lights installed).
  • Set thermostat to auto/heat/cool/off/eco.
  • Set temperature to 78.

The X or the device name will be whatever it is named in the Zego Home Skills. It is strongly suggested to not give a device or group a complicated name. An example of a common name would be Desk Lamp this would be the smart switch associated with the lamp. The X could also be a group that has been created, for example, kitchen lights. 

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