If your property is using Resman as the primary property management software (PMS) and you have requested that the Zego integration be activated, there are a few important things you should keep in mind once the integration is live.

  • You will no longer need to add/remove residents to Zego. If a resident is added to Resman, and they are not under evicted status, they will automatically be invited to activate their Zego account via email once their move-in date has passed (they will receive an email ON the move-in date). When the resident's move-out date is reached, they will automatically be removed from Zego. Zego will also automatically change the lock codes and text them to any remaining residents to ensure that the former resident(s) no longer has access.
  • You will no longer need to create units in Zego. The Zego integration will pull all of your property data from Resman into the Zego database. When a new unit is being setup, you will just need to search for the unit by name, not create a new unit.
  • If a resident has not received their activation email from Zego, check in Resman to make sure they have a valid email. You can also manually send an activation email from the Zego Admin portal (my.zego.io).
  • If a resident is saying they cannot pay their rent, check that they are not marked as "Do not accept online payments" in Resman. This can sometimes happen if a resident was at one part marked as "Under eviction", or their online payments access was revoked.
  • When a resident submits a work order in the Zego Resident App it will be pushed directly to Resman. Residents can check the status of their work order in the Zego Resident App, which will reflect any changes to the work order made in Resman.
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