One of the benefits of having Zego smart thermostats installed in all the units at your property is the savings they can provide by reducing wasteful HVAC usage. Often when contractors or vendors are working in a vacant unit on a hot or cold day, they will turn on the HVAC unit and forget to turn it off again when they leave, resulting in hundreds of dollars in unnecessary utility bills.

Creating a vacant unit smart schedule will reduce the risk of this happening. When you enable the vacant schedule at your property, the thermostats in vacant units that are setup in Zego will adhere to that schedule. There are two schedule types - always on and always off. In most cases, you will use always off. This means that when a unit is vacant, the thermostat is set to OFF mode.

To enable/configure your property's vacant schedule, please do the following:

  1. Hover over the navigation menu on the left-side of the screen.
  2. Select the Settings tab at the bottom of the menu. 
  3. At the bottom of the General Info section of the Settings page there is a toggle next to "Schedule Active". If this is disabled, click to enable it.
  4. Hover over the navigation menu on the left side of the screen again.
  5. Click the Zego Smart tab to go to the Smart home page for your property.
  6. At the top of the main Zego Smart section, select the Vacant Schedules tab (next to Units and Battery).
  7. From here you can configure the schedule type and the thermostat settings.
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