Each time you login to Zego, the first page that you land on is the property summary page. This page is designed to be the "home" page for your property, so there are a lot of different data points that are visible here.

Below is a screenshot of a typical summary page with descriptions of what each section means and the purpose it serves.

  • 1. This section shows your most recent views so that you can quickly jump back to a specific view (e.g., User Management, Chat, etc).
  • 2. The Admin Users card shows all of the property staff and admin users for your property. You can quickly navigate to a user's profile page by clicking the user's profile picture, or you can click "View More" to view all users from the User Management page.
  • 3. Battery low displays a count of all the devices at the property that have low batteries. If you click the count, you will be taken to the Zego Smart page where you can see a list of the devices with low batteries.
  • 4. The Zego Smart card displays a count of the units that exist in Zego that have Zego Smart installed vs. units that do not ("non-smart"). If this number doesn't match what is in your management software, please contact our support team.
  • 5. The occupancy card displays a count and percentage of units in Zego that are occupied. This may differ from what is in your management software if the residents for a unit are not being synced correctly - if you believe this is the case please contact our support team.
  • 6. Your company and property names are displayed here respectively as drop-down menus. This is only accessible if you have access to more than one property, or you are a company admin user with access across your portfolio. You can use this drop down to switch properties.
  • 7. The search bar allows you to search for anything in Zego and quickly navigate to that page. So if you are looking for a specific user, you could search their name, email, or unit, and then click the "User Management" result next to their name.
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