In the Zego system, there are multiple user roles. Each role has different capabilities and privileges depending on the resource being accessed and the user. Below are the different roles and their definitions.

  • Resident: this role is for apartment residents. Resident's only have access to the devices in the unit to which they are assigned.
  • Admin: this role is for property managers, regional managers, or any other user that needs visibility and access across one or more properties. Admins have the ability to add/remove other users of any role, add/remove units, change lock codes, schedules, and maintenance user codes.
  • Maintenance: maintenance users do not have visibility into the Zego platform other than viewing their own master lock code.
  • Setup: setup users are only able to create and test devices in new units. They are not able to view existing units or users outside of the current unit they are setting up.
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