If you are the primary Zego user at your property, or you are a corporate/executive level user, you have the ability to add new users to your property. When you add a new user, you need to select a role for that user - one of Company Admin, Property Admin, Property Staff, or Setup (here is an article with more information about roles and users).

To add a new user

  • Go to your property summary page (new.zego.io)
  • Click User Management in the navigation menu on the left-side of the screen
  • Click the green "+" button in the bottom-righthand corner of the screen.
  • Select a role for the user.
  • Input an email. This is the email they will use to login after they have activated their account.

If you have any questions about what type of user you should be creating, or you are receiving an error, please contact our support team.

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